Death’s Door Excerpt

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Written Works by William DeSouza

Deaths Door Cover Art

‘Heather readied herself for the release. Her pulse quickened and she felt her heart beat faster as she anticipated the moment. She loved the rush a combat drop gave her as adrenalin was pumped through her veins.

Below each drop ship, wide doors opened with the aid of huge hydraulic rams as swing arms securing each ship from above, lowered them into their initial position. At the same time red blackout lights switched on in the bay; mixed with the yellow warning lights spinning like an insane ballerina, the bay was awash in the colour of stained blood.

Heather’s pupils increased in size as they dilated and more blood was pumped through her veins.

The speakers came to life with a feminine but artificial voice “Warning, drop ship launch sequence has begun, all personnel evacuate bay area.”

The AI warning repeated itself two more times with the sound of the klaxon in the background’

Read the first three sample chapters at


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