HALO 4 – Forward Unto Dawn (Blue Ray & DVD)

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Uncategorized


Finally!!! After months of waiting for a HALO movie, with dozens of teasers posted on Youtube and fan made video; I’ve finally seen the finished result in ‘HALO 4 – Forward Unto Dawn’ (originally released May 2012 – Blue Ray & DVD).

I’m not sure what I was expecting; lots of action maybe, Master Chief everywhere you look and of course bad ass aliens that come at you from everywhere. That’s not what I got however, and that’s not a bad thing.

In the name of full disclosure, I have to say that I have only played HALO once in my live (I’m not much of a video game fan) but that said, I always enjoyed the franchise. Microsoft and Bungie first created HALO (now managed by 343 Industries) and has evolved it as a multi-million (billion by some accounts) dollar franchise and they have done a great job putting together a string of marketing material that showcase every part of the HALO universe; and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed the campaign.

I’ve come to appreciate it for what it is, pure adrenalin entertainment; an larger-than-life military science fiction universe where the good guys are always on the ropes until the Master Chief comes to save Humanity. Okay, I know I’ll take flak for the ‘lack’ of passion in my writing that some others have conveyed, but I’m just not into the video gaming part of this.

‘HALO 4 – Forward Unto Dawn’ for me is pure entertainment in a live action video format for the HALO fan. And while it’s a bit campy at times with the dialog, it is what it is. The story tries to develop the characters and for a ninety minute movie, it does a pretty decent job. Could they have stretched it out, incorporated more interaction between characters? Sure they could; but this was more of a teaser into the franchise. It brings us what is supposed to be an introduction to the franchise, a beginning.

The action really doesn’t pick up till the final thirty minutes or so and that is where we’re seeing the Master Chief spring into combat. Prior that that, we see the internal struggle of Cadet Lasky(Tom Green) as he tries to find his place in the UNSC. We don’t really get too much of his back ground except for bits and pieces. His mother is away all the time (senior ranking officer in the UNSC) and a brother who died in combat, goes to shape his doubts and fears. He has a lot to live up to and he’s really not sure if he can.

The plot revolves around Lasky’s character, until the introduction of the Master Chief. In this movie, the MC is really secondary to the plot (but you can’t wait for his entrance of course).

I’ll keep this review short and just say that I did enjoy it and I hope they continue the movie franchise. I found that this really was a teaser of a movie leaving me with a taste of the HALO universe. I want more!

If you have a chance to see the view (Blue Ray or DVD) I would recommend it. Two Thumbs Up from me…

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